Jewish Wedding in 2018This year is going to be an amazing and lucky year to be planning a Jewish wedding.  For some, it’s going to be not so lucky if you don’t get the date you want!  As a wedding DJ that is Jewish, we are getting inundated with requests for dates that add up to 18.  This being the 18th year of the 21st century is making it super special.

So far the dates of August 10th (8-10-18) and September 9th (9-8-28) are two of the more popular dates that we are getting inquiries for.  So here is some quick tips on how you can have a lucky Jewish wedding this year.

  1. Book your venue right away!
  2. Request and book your vendors (especially Jewish vendors) early – 6 months or earlier and you should be okay.
  3. Don’t be afraid of booking a weekday wedding – Full time professional vendors are generally available any day of the week and it may save you money.

It’s going to be a amazing year for a Jewish wedding and  hopefully a lucky one for you as well!

Amazing Year To Plan A Jewish Wedding

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