About Mark Cherney

Mark is a 30+ year veteran of the wedding and event DJ industry. He is the owner of Music Man Event professionals, Inc. located in Southern California. He is considered an expert in creating amazing wedding experiences for his clients and is often sought after by other DJs for his expertise.

The Resort at Pelican Hill Wedding – Mike and Jasmine

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Resort at Pelican Hill Wedding Am Amazing Resort at Pelican Hill Wedding - Mike and Jasmine The Resort at Pelican Hill Wedding Details We love working with couples who pick songs close to their heart and that have a special meaning in their lives. It was an honor to play a part in [...]

5 Tips to Customizing Your Orange County Wedding Reception

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5 Tips for Customizing Your Orange County Wedding Reception What makes a wedding reception memorable?  Of course it's good people and great moments during the reception, right?  Sure your guests will love the decor and enjoy the meal you have set for them but the thing they remember the most is how much fun they [...]

An Amazing Rancho Las Lomas Wedding – Trabuco Canyon Wedding DJ

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Trabuco Canyon Wedding DJ specialists Music Man Event Professionals was approached about helping this amazing couple create a Rancho Las Lomas wedding reception experience that would entertain their guests and keep them on the dance floor the entire night.  With this couple the bride was from Jordan and the groom was Hispanic.  So the challenge [...]

Cost of a Wedding DJ – “I don’t want my wedding ruined”

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Cost of a Wedding DJ - Preventing your Wedding from Being Ruined "I don't want my wedding ruined" was exactly what a bride said to me when she called my office about our DJ services. The back story goes like this. This particular bride called to inquire about our services.  She was engaged three [...]

Wedding DJ Cost – What in the world is going on???

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How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost? Wedding DJ Cost - Honestly... Can I be honest with you?  Trying to find out how much a wedding DJ costs can literally drive you insane.  Here you are Googling it and finding 30 or so articles that tell you completely different things.  Then you find [...]

This is an amazing year to plan a Jewish wedding!

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This year is going to be an amazing and lucky year to be planning a Jewish wedding.  For some, it's going to be not so lucky if you don't get the date you want!  As a wedding DJ that is Jewish, we are getting inundated with requests for dates that add up to 18.  [...]

Award Winning Riverside Wedding DJ Company – Music Man Event Professionals

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Riverside Wedding DJ company Music Man Event Professionals comes to the Inland Empire! Music Man Event Professionals has now become a "Best Choice" Riverside wedding DJ company!  In case you haven't heard of Music Man Event Professionals, they are one of the leading wedding and event DJ companies in Orange County California.  They recently opened [...]

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Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Wedding - An Amazing Hawaiian Themed Wedding Orange County Wedding DJ Specialists Music Man Event Professionals were thrilled to be a part of this amazing Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort wedding in Huntington Beach.  One of the main reasons we were selected over the competition for this particular wedding was because we [...]

Huntington Beach Wedding DJ -Best Wedding venues in HB

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Best Huntington Beach Wedding DJ Ever Huntington Beach Wedding DJ experts Music Man Event Professionals love working weddings in Huntington Beach.  Some of our most favorite venues are there and we wanted to share which ones we love working weddings at with you. Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Weddings The one wedding venue where have worked [...]

Wedding First Dance Songs 2017 – Orange County Wedding DJ

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Most Requested Wedding First Dance Songs 2017   Most Requested Everyday we have our clients want to know what they should consider for their first dance song  for their 2017 wedding.  Each year more new songs come out that really pull at the heart strings of our clients or relates to the relationship [...]