Casino San Clemente Wedding – An Awesome Wedding Exeperience


We love working weddings at The Casino San Clemente for many reasons.  Here are some of the reasons we think you should take a serious look at this venue to host your wedding in San Clemente: 

Casino San Clemente Wedding


Casino San Clemente wedding Reception Sites

We love the reception site for the weddings we have worked.  It is one of the most interesting looking ball rooms we have ever been in.  You see, this was the ballroom when the casino was actually a casino.  It was built for acoustics so the sound in the room is amazing.  Also, because of the shape and size of the room, it looks amazing with the right lighting.  It has a stage built in that provides a great place to place the DJ with the dance floor in front.  It is also quite spacious and can host weddings ranging in size from small and intimate to large.  One of the things we really like about the Casino San Clement is that it was built to be a concert venue so the acoustics are incredible!  You never have to worry about guests having a hard time hearing speeches, toasts or announcements and it doesn’t require high volumes for everyone to hear the music and have a great time.  


Casino San Clemente wedding – Ceremony Site

 The weddings at the Casino San Clemente also features an amazing ceremony location in the back of the property.  It is in a patio area surrounded by wooden fence shrouded in lush foliage.   It has easy access to the ballroom so when you are finished with the ceremony it makes it super easy to transition to the reception without a lot of “herding”  or logistical planning.  It also easily transforms into a cocktail area and we have even seen it transition to a lounge area with cocktail tables and a cigar area during the reception.  

if you are planning on hosting your Casino San Clemente Wedding and want an amazing wedding DJ to help create that amazing wedding experience that is the most fun, then give us a call  or text us at (949) 940-8998 to check our availability for your date. 

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