Wedding DJ Cost – What in the world is going on???

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How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost? Wedding DJ Cost - Honestly... Can I be honest with you?  Trying to find out how much a wedding DJ costs can literally drive you insane.  Here you are Googling it and finding 30 or so articles that tell you completely different things.  Then you find [...]

Shopping on Price – Wedding DJ Orange County CA

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Things You Never Hear Sane People Say   "I picked my doctor because he/she was cheaper." "I picked my lawyer because he/she was cheaper."   Something I Hear Just About Every Day "I decided to go with my wedding DJ company because they were cheaper."   Just the other day I was contacted by a mother [...]

Wedding DJ Pricing Orange County- The What and Why of Wedding DJ Pricing

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  Wedding DJ Pricing Orange County - The What and Why of Wedding DJ Pricing "Just about every day I receive a call or communication from either a bride or groom who is in the process of planning a wedding and looking for a wedding DJ to entertain their guests.  Many simply ask "How much for [...]

How to find Amazing Wedding Vendors In Your Budget

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How to find Amazing Wedding Vendors In Your Budget Mark Cherney Owner Music Man Event Professionals Award Winning Wedding DJ Don't Be Stressed out Finding great wedding vendors for your amazing wedding that are in your budget can be one of the most stressful things about planning your wedding.  But maybe you've established a budget before you [...]