5 Tips to Customizing Your Orange County Wedding Reception

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5 Tips for Customizing Your Orange County Wedding Reception What makes a wedding reception memorable?  Of course it's good people and great moments during the reception, right?  Sure your guests will love the decor and enjoy the meal you have set for them but the thing they remember the most is how much fun they [...]

Wedding First Dance Songs 2017 – Orange County Wedding DJ

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Most Requested Wedding First Dance Songs 2017   Most Requested Everyday we have our clients want to know what they should consider for their first dance song  for their 2017 wedding.  Each year more new songs come out that really pull at the heart strings of our clients or relates to the relationship [...]

I know what you are doing.. and It’s Brilliant! (The secrets of music and mood control)

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I know what you are doing.. and it's brilliant" were words that were said to me by a guest at a wedding I was working recently.  We had worked our way through cocktail hour and dinner and we were getting ready for the dancing portion of the evening the the mood was electric.  It was [...]

Top Five Things You Need to Know – A Wedding Planning Guide for Brides

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  Top Five Things You Should Know While Planning Your Wedding - A Wedding Planning Guide If you are reading this wedding planning guide, chances are you are in the process of planning one.  What do you think so far?  Kinda confusing huh?  Don't worry, it's not you.  Even as a long-time professional in the industry, [...]

Selecting Wedding Music for Your Wedding

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One of the things I hear the most from our clients is that selecting the music they wanted for cocktail and dinner times is one of the hardest tasks they did while planning their wedding.  Hiring a professional wedding DJ that knows what to do to deliver the results you want is one of the best [...]

Picking Your Wedding Formality Music

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your wedding music can play an important part in the success of your wedding.  It can help set the mood and can reflect who you and your new husband or wife is.  While a lot of people Google "First Dance Music" or "Father / Daughter Dance Music", we encourage you to take a different approach. [...]

Wedding Planning Tip – Put all of the toasts before the food!

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As an experienced wedding DJ in Orange County, I can't tell you how many times I hear people say that they want to put the wedding reception toasts in their timeline after they serve the food so people are not waiting to eat.  While it seems like a great idea in theory, in reality it [...]

Keeping your Wedding Fun – How to Manage Wedding Toasts

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As a professional wedding Disc Jockey that actually DJs weddings for a living, the success for each and every wedding I do is very important to me.  I want every guest and wedding couple to leave the wedding reception with a smile on their face with some great memories and an amazing experience.  Because of this, I watch [...]