What should you be paying for in a good wedding DJ?  Is it really just about the 4-6 hours you hired him/her for the event?  No!  A great deal more effort goes into making your wedding reception extraordinary.

In our experience, we have found that many bride and grooms have little idea what it is a wedding DJ actually does when preparing for and orchestrating the timeline at a wedding.  It’s easy to understand how a photographer has work to do before and especially after a wedding.  It’s not so easy to see what a good DJ does to prepare and execute a great event.  So, I thought it might be useful to explain what we do here at Music Man Event Professionals to prepare for a wedding as well as what we do at the wedding reception itself.  Keep in mind that not every DJ company does what we do.  It’s up to you to ask and make sure your DJ is going to be properly prepared to deliver your wedding exactly the way you want.  Here is what we do:

Planning with the Client:

From the moment our clients sign up with our service, we make ourselves available to assist our clients with the planning of their reception.  If the clients wants, we can assist with timeline development, element development for those that want to make their reception more unique and act as a resource for great song for some of the formalities to how we can customize the formalities to make them more fun and memorable.  Because we are a full time DJ company we have the time to assist you anytime you need it for as long as it takes to make you comfortable that everything is going to be perfect.

Event Preparation:

At about 1 month before your wedding, we start preparing for our performance of your wedding.  Here we start looking at your music selections and making sure our music is completely up to date, and that we have any of your special requests in our music collection.  We then look at the venue and how many guests and start engineering our sound system for the event and testing it to make sure that it is in great working shape and tuned right.  We look at the lighting … each lighting set up we do is custom designed for each event.  We’ll look at the venue, color theme of the reception and what our client is trying to accomplish (atmosphere-wise) and then custom-engineer a lighting system that fits with all of these elements.


On the day of the performance, we get to the office no later than four hours before the start time of the event to make sure everything we need equipment wise, music wise and information wise is ready to go, tested and loaded into the truck to transport to the venue.  We typically arrive at the venue two hours before the reception to set up the lighting, sound system and make sure everything is working properly.  We then go over the itinerary again to make sure we know what is going to happen when and how it is going to happen.  Then we execute the reception.  During the reception we take care of coordinating everything.  We handle timeline execution, coordination with other vendors and every other detail that could affect the success of the event,  including small things like making sure the cake knife and plate are ready BEFORE we go into the cake cutting.  We do all of this while handling the music entertainment and emceeing the formalities.

So there you see …  it is not just four hours of work to deliver a four hour reception.  Your DJ should be doing all of the above to ensure your wedding reception is exactly the way you envisioned or more.  Now keep in mind that the cheaper and less experienced DJs don’t do this.  So when they mess up your wedding, you’ll know why.  Preparation and planning really do count.

Mark Cherney is a 26 year veteran of the wedding DJ industry serving all of Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County and Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  He is the owner and head DJ for Orange County’s premier mobile DJ service.  For more information on the services of Music Man Event Professionals, call (949) 940-8998 or visit our website at http://www.bestweddingDJEver.com

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About the Author:

Mark is a 30+ year veteran of the wedding and event DJ industry. He is the owner of Music Man Event professionals, Inc. located in Southern California. He is considered an expert in creating amazing wedding experiences for his clients and is often sought after by other DJs for his expertise.