As a professional wedding Disc Jockey that actually DJs weddings for a living, the success for each and every wedding I do is very important to me.  I want every guest and wedding couple to leave the wedding reception with a smile on their face with some great memories and an amazing experience.  Because of this, I watch everything that happens at any wedding reception I am attending and think about how we can do things better or what we could have done to prevent something from happening.

Last night I attended a wedding reception here in Orange County where I was selected as their professional wedding Disc Jockey of choice.  My job was to set an exciting tone and keep the guests engaged so they had an amazing time.  I was able to do that until one certain point.  We had everyone cheering and screaming and applauding the grand entrance, we then transitioned successfully into the first dance and everyone was cheering on the wedding couple and they were all smiles.  Upon completion of the first dance we segued into the wedding toast and this is where it all went downhill.

The first toast was the maid of honor.  Her toast was short, to the point and drew lots of cheers and applause.  The best man was next.  He incorporated humor, got laughs and then finished quickly with cheers and applause.  So far, so good, right?  Then a bridesmaid whose speech was very short and to the point also drew applause.  Finally, we had a groomsman.  He started with a story about the groom and got some applause, then went on to another story that was stumbled through with a joke that was between him and the groom and no one else.  He laughed with the groom, but no one else.  Then on to a third story that was bumbled through with “umms” and “ahhhs”.  Looking around, I noticed people started their own conversations while this guy babbled on, then the conversations got louder and no one was paying attention to him anymore yet he kept babbling.  Noticing the terrified look on the bride’s face, I walked up behind him and whispered for him to wrap it up and two minutes later he did and to a thunderous applause that he was finally sitting down.  Then we had to work to get everyone back into the wedding reception and build the excitement back up.

So how do you prevent your wedding  toasts from derailing your wedding reception?  Here are some easy steps how.

  1. Limit the amount of toasts to no more than three .  Usually after three toasts, people lose interest and you lose their attention.
  2. When you select the special people to give toasts, let them know they get 2-3 minutes max to complete their toasts.
  3. ALWAYS listen to the toasts before they give them.  NO SURPRISES.  You wouldn’t believe what we have heard at some weddings.  Don’t be afraid to have them edit the speech if something makes you uncomfortable.
  4. Always place the toast before any food is served in your timeline.

If you follow these basic steps, your wedding reception will not be adversely affected by the toasts.

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