Orange County Wedding DJ at Rancho Las LomasOrange County Wedding DJ coompany Music Man Event Professionals was the Wedding DJ of choice for the Dyer wedding at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado Canyon California.

Rancho Las Lomas is one of our most favorite venues to perform a wedding.  The venue is absolutely gorgeous!  It is a geat place to work with to create an amazing wedding for all in attendance.

For this wedding, we were hired because of our ability to provide amazng emcee services mixed with an amazing selection of music that will get everyone dancing without all of the cheesy stuff most other wedding DJ companies do.Rancho Las Lomas wedding DJ

Jessica, the bride, loves music and dancing and wanted to make sure that everyone got up and danced and had an amazing time.  We were able to put it all together for them and accomplish just that!  As you can see from the picture to the right the dance floor was packed!  Young, old, it didn;t matter, we had everyone out on the dance floor celebrating their union.  Don’t take our word for it though, check out the video below.


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