If you Google “Questions to ask a wedding DJ” you will see pages and pages of websites with questions to ask.  Each website has a different set of questions.  Most of the list of questions I have seen are to make sure that the hobbyist wedding DJs you are talking with are properly equipped for your wedding. Things like “Are you insured?” or “What kind of gear do you have?” are those kind of questions.  Think about it, whenever you hire a professional for any other job, do you ask what kind of tools they use to do their job or whether they are insured?  Probably not … because if they are a real professional, they are going to have it.  The same goes for real professional wedding DJs.

Here are some questions you might want to ask to find out if the DJ you are hiring is a real professional wedding DJ (in order of importance!).

  1. Do you do this full time or do you have another full time job?
    This is an extremely important question to ask.  Think about it, do people in any other professions have full time jobs doing something else?  Would you go to a doctor that sold mortgages during the week to have him/her perform surgery or an exam on you?  Or, would you rather trust a doctor that is fully vested in your health and focuses all of his/her time on making sure they are the best doctor they can possibly be?  The same holds true for a wedding DJ.  Any wedding DJ that performs weddings for a living and relies on performing great weddings to feed his/her family and pay his/her bills is going to be better.
  2. What kind of training and experience do you have?
    This is another extremely important question to ask.  Not everyone knows how to emcee an event and more importantly there are a lot of nuances to a wedding and if they aren’t performed properly, it can dramatically affect the success of your wedding.  The kind of training and experience you are looking for is advanced emcee and public speaking training.  This can be found in radio and TV broadcasting experience or a formal education in the media arts.  As far as experience goes, you want to look for experience using their emcee skills as well as experience executing successful weddings.  There are a lot of DJs out there that have lots of experience performing weddings but as the old saying goes, practice only makes perfect if you are practicing the right way.  Who is to say the weddings that they are have been performing were great?
  3. Do you have any “social proof” that you are good at what you do?
    This is key.  This is the question you are asking to confirm that they are good at what they do.  Good social proof includes reviews on sites like Wedding Wire, Yelp and on Facebook — real customers telling about their real experiences.  Also video testimonials from clients are very compelling.  Look for videos filmed immediately following their wedding reception.  Don’t ask for sample video or sample mixes.  Those are easy to stage.  You should look for how good of a job they do at making their clients happy.  That is key.

At this point you will know if they are a professional and if they are good at what they do.  Next, find out if they are the right DJ for your wedding.  Here are some questions you might ask to make that determination:

  1. What makes you different from other wedding DJs and why should I hire you?  This is a great question to ask to find out what makes this DJ the right DJ for you.  If they answer about being great at beat mixing or scratching, hang up the phone!  You want to find out how this DJ is going to engage your guests and run your wedding.  Attention to details and focus on making sure your day is going to be the way you want it is key.
  2. How would you describe your style of performing weddings?
    Some DJs have set styles as to how they like to work weddings and you want to make sure their style is a good ft for what you are looking for.  If you don’t know what style your wedding is going to be, this is a good way to come up with a style if it seems like his/her style is one that you are comfortable with.

Once you made certain that he/she is going to be a good fit for your wedding reception, ask them about price and negotiate.  Just remember, good quality services are always more expensive.  So when looking at pricing, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

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