An Amazing Richard Nixon Library Wedding


The Richard Nixon Library is an amazing place to host a wedding.  It is really one of our most favorite venues to work at in Yorba Linda and most of Orange County.  This Richard Nixon Library wedding really showed just how amazing a wedding can be.  Not only was the venue amazing as usual, but the team of vendors was also top notch.


We were referred to this couple by a previous wedding client of ours who just loves our service.  So there was added pressure on us to deliver a consistent quality of service to make the person who referred us look good.  When we found out the quality of the team we were working with it made this day even more exciting for what was in store for this amazing couple.

As we were setting up we observed the smiles from the bride starting with her working with her amazingNixon Library Wedding Photographer Burnt Exposure photographer Kris from Burnt Exposure capturing her pre-ceremony photos in the reception location.  He was a real professional in the way he guided the bride and her bridal party through the pre-ceremony photography session and had them laughing and singing through the entire time!  When the day starts like this, it really sets the mood for the rest of the day.  The bride and her bridal party were in a great mood having so much fun which had them in a great mood at the beginning of the day.

Then while in the middle of the pre-ceremony photo session Beth Costa Bradf-1166from Pink Daffodil showed up with the flowers for the  celebration.  If you have never seen her work, you would not know just how amazing her flowers are.  I witnessed her giving the bride her bouquet while setting up and her smile grew bigger and those flowers really made the pre-ceremony images even more amazing!



The Ceremony

After we finished setting up the the reception sound system and the up-lighting for the reception venue weRichard Nixon Wedding Ceremony DJ moved out to the ceremony location to prepare for the ceremony.  We provided the soundtrack for the ceremony for this Richard Nixon Library wedding.  The soundtrack was predetermined by the bride and she was very specific on what she wanted played and when.  We made sure we had the exact versions she wanted and they were played when and how she wanted them.  Everything worked out perfectly and the couple was smiling the entire time.



We had the best time and our guests did too! Thank you Mark for making sure our wedding was one of the best days of our lives!

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The Reception

After the ceremony, we then had a small cocktail hour and then transitioned into the reception are which was held in a replica of the White House’s East room.  We were responsible for providing up-lighting and the sound for announcements and music in the room as well as providing the music and emceeing services.



With up-lighting there is a balance that one needs to understand to enhance the beauty of the room and Richard Nixon Library Wedding DJ Receptioncreate a mood or atmosphere versus drowning a room in color.  We understand this and provided enough lighting to enhance the beauty of this amazing room.  As you can see in the photo to the left, with the chandeliers on  the lighting added a sense of elegance to the room and with the color being blue (to match the bride’s color scheme) it gave it a cool relaxing feeling for everyone that came into the room.

As the guest entered we played some relaxing jazz music since that is what they also listened to during the cocktail hour .  The guests continued to converse as they found their way to their seats to get ready to start the celebration part of the evening.  Once we got everyone in the Bridal party ready we were ready to start the celebration.


The Celebration

We started the celebration with the grand entrance.  The bride wanted to carry on a family tradition of each Richard Nixon Library Wedding Grand Entranceperson coming into the celebration to a song they chose.  one of the most memorable parts of  the grand entrance was when one of the members of the wedding party came into the room and put on a Richard Nixon mask and did his signature peace sign move.  Everyone loves it and it will be something everyone in attendance will remember.  We had everyone clapping and cheering during the entrance which is a perfect way to start the celebration,


The Meal

The caterer for this Richard Nixon Library wedding was The White House restaurant catering.  If you have never been to the Anaheim White House, you must visit them and try their food,  They are an amazing restaurant who’s food is not only visually a work of art but also prepared perfectly.  As you can see in the photo to the right, The meal featured perfectly cooked chicken Piccata served with mash potatoes and vegRichard Nixon Library Wedding Caterergies.  It also features a tribute to this amazing couple in the dish as you can see in the photo to the right.  It had a heart with this couple’s initials on each side as a centerpiece to the meal.  We were lucky as vendors to be able to have one of these meals as well.


The rest of the evening was filled with fun and dancing and some formalities.  We took lots of requests and had everyone on the floor the entire night until they were ready to go home.Below are some images from some of the formalities and from the dancing portion of the night,

All in all everyone had a great time and we received numerous compliments and thank yous from the guest and this amazing couple.  We were really thrilled to be a part of such a magical evening and that they trusted us with their special day.

When you’re looking for a Wedding Disc Jockey in Orange County for your Richard Nixon Library wedding reception Music Man Event Professionals is always the easy choice. We are experienced, professional, and know how to entertain you, your family and guests on your special day.

If you want to have an AMAZING wedding reception we’ll get everyone dancing and having a GREAT time – we guarantee it! For pricing and availability call Mark at (949) 940-8998 or use this convenient online inquiry form and he’ll follow-up with you promptly!





Richard Nixon Library Wedding Florist

Flowers By The Pink Daffodil

Richard Nixon Library Wedding Photographer

Photography By Burnt Exposure Photography


Wedding DJ/Emcee and Lighting by Music Man Event Professionals

Richard Nixon Library Wedding Caterer

Catering By Anaheim White House Catering

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