Irvine wedding DJ Music Man Event Professionals was the professional Wedding DJ at this epic Wedding at Strawberry Farms.

We were approached by this couple because of our tremendous reputation for delivering amazing weddings.  We had done another strawberry Farms Wedding where this couple was in attendance.  They saw what we did and checked our reviews and decided to contact us about their wedding.

This couple wanted to ensure the Irvine Wedding DJ they selected was able to deliver some specific results they were looking for.  This couple wanted to ensure their wedding was the most fun but also was very elegant.  They were looking for not only our wedding DJ services but also wanted us to add a sense of elegance to their reception with our lighting services. One important thing to them was that they didn’t want to worry or stress about their wedding entertainment.  They wanted to make sure the DJ they hired was experienced and had the training to ensure success.  We fit the bill and was more than willing to help!

So we went to work.  We learned what this amazing couple liked and what they didn’t want.  We learned about the atmosphere they wanted for their reception and worked with their wedding planner to ensure everything we did was in line with what the planner was doing.  After several weeks of planning and preparing we were ready to go.

Strawberry Farms Wedding – The wedding Day
Strawberry Farms Wedding - Ceremony

The day started at the ceremony site where we provided the ceremony system and microphone for the minister as well as well as the music for the ceremony.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and went off without a hitch.  The music was perfect and everyone was able to hear the entire ceremony including the vows.

Then everyone went on to the cocktail hour where we provided the perfect background music at a volume level that allowed the guests to talk with each other and either catch up or meet new friends.  This Strawberry Farms Wedding was off to a great start.

After the cocktail hour was over, everyone was escorted into the barn for the reception.  The theme for this wedding was classic rock bands that this couple loved.  So we put together a playlist of all of the best songs from the groups they featured as names of the tables.  There was a lot of singing along and cheering when some of the songs were played which made for a great energy for the rest of the reception.

After dinner, we flawlessly navigated our way through the formalities (first dance, speeches, etc) keeping all of the guests involved and ensuring the wedding kept moving and didn’t get boring.  After the formalities, it was time for dancing.  We planned perfectly as the floor was packed the entire night (see pictures of this amazing wedding below).  This amazing couple had a great time celebrating with the guests and in the video testimonial below said that this wedding had to be “The Best Wedding on Earth!”  We were so glad to hear that and extremely glad that the work we did preparing for this wedding delivered the results they wanted.

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When you’re looking for a Wedding Disc Jockey in Orange County for your Strawberry Farms wedding reception Music Man Event Professionals is always the easy choice. We are experienced, professional, and know how to guide you to having an amazing wedding experience that is the most fun.

If you want to have an AMAZING wedding reception we’ll help get everyone dancing and having a GREAT time – we guarantee it! For pricing and availability call or text Mark at (949) 940-8998 or click on the button above to email us to check your date and start the process.  Let’s work together to make your Strawberry Farms Wedding amazing.