As an experienced wedding DJ in Orange County, I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say that they want to put the wedding reception toasts in their timeline after they serve the food so people are not waiting to eat.  While it seems like a great idea in theory, in reality it works best if you get all the toasts done before and here is why

1) You have everyone’s undivided attention in the wedding reception immediately following the grand entrance (and first dance if it follows).  They are focused and listening.  Take advantage of that.

2) Once food is served people want to eat!  Why disrupt their meal with toasts?  Most people think it’s rude to eat and not listen so many people will sit there with the food in front of them and not eat so they can listen and not be rude. Why tempt them to not listen and eat?

3) In my 28 years of wedding DJ experience, the second you place food in front of people they start to eat and socialize.  Which is great for the energy of the wedding reception.  Let them socialize and get to know each other and even catch up during dinner.  When you put a toast during or after dinner, you have to get their attention and disrupt the social part of the meal.  Why add this negative component to the reception?

4) You speech givers are picked because they are special and have something special to say to everyone in attendance.  By putting the wedding reception toasts before the meal they get everyone’s undivided attention for their special wedding toasts.  This ends up being better for all.

A lot of wedding planners ask why is this so important to me?  My answer is as a professional wedding reception DJ, I want to give my clients the best experience I can at their wedding reception and something so simple as this can make a huge difference in the success of every wedding reception we DJ.

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