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When you are spending the money that you are to host a wedding at the The Disneyland Resort, you should want to have the best experience you can at your wedding.  Here is a secret that can save you money and add to the success of your wedding at DIsneyland in Sleeping Beauty’s Pavilion at the Disneyland Hotel.  Make sure you insist to the planner/ sales associate that you want it this way and don’t let her/him try to tell you differently.  This will give you the best experience and save you money.


Sleeping Beauty Pavillion Floor PlanTo the right is a typical floor plan for the way Disney likes to set up the Sleeping Beauty’s Pavilion for their weddings.  The placement of the DJ is typically outside of where the celebration is happening and a good distance from the dance floor where they are supposed to work.  If you ask any real professional wedding DJ they will tell you that you will get the best results from them by placing them as close to the dance floor as possible as this is where he/she is to get everyone dancing and read the crowd to generate the best result for you and your guest.  Not only that, but it also makes the DJ more accessible to guests to make requests and keeps them on or by the floor where we ultimately want them to be.  Lastly, you won’t have speakers blasting into your guests ears as they would normally be positioned behind them when they are seated at their tables.  We want everyone to have a super pleasant experience while at your Disneyland wedding and no one complaining about the music blasting them from behind.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Disney charges by the socket that you use at least that is what I was told in a recent planning meeting that I attended.  It may be different depending on the planner you work with.  So the tip can actually save you from having to pay for 3 additional sockets which I was told would run around $130.00 per socket,

wedding at disneyland - Sleeping Beauty's Pavilion

The diagram above shows where some of sockets are located in Sleeping Beauty’s Pavilion.  They recommend that you place the DJ and the speakers in places that have their own sockets. Then in order to light the area around the windows you would need to use the socket at the bottom of the image to power your uplights or run extension chords that need to be taped down.  Would you rather have power chords taped down around the room or keep it clean by using the sockets with this set up? Of course you want to keep it clean, right? so the placement is good but forces you to pay for more sockets.

The Solution

Here is a way to solve the socket problem and bring your DJ into the event giving him/her the access he/she needs to make your wedding experience the best it can be,

wedding at disneyland - Sleeping Beauty's Pavilion

In the picture above I show you a proposed solution to give you and your guests a far better experience and save you money that can be used in the Park during your honeymoon.  If you Disneyland Wedding - Sleeping Beauty's Pavilion DJ set uplook at the purple markings, you are moving the cake to where the DJ used to be.  You are doing this to make more room in the main area and also make it so everyone coming into the room can see your amazing cake.  Also, you and your guests don’t have to look at an empty table in the main room once the cake has been cut and eaten.  It also provides a better opportunity for your DJ to pin spot your cake to light it up if you picked a really amazing cake.  It also allows people to go and admire the cake without disrupting other guests.

Next you move the DJ to the corner inside the room and move table 6 over a few feet.  This will allow the DJ to be brought into the wedding where he/she has to engage your guests and entertain them by keeping them dancing on the floor in front of him/her. It will also allow him/her to place the speakers beside their setup to avoid disrupting guests with music blasting from behind them.  Also, your DJ can power his entire system from one socket and also run his/her LED up-lighting from it as well without having to run power chords all over the room.  Yep, from one socket! Click on image to the left to see a photo of the room and where the sockets are.

So why doesn’t Disney set it up this way if it’s the best way?  That is a good question.  I do not know.   The reason why we think of this is because each and every event we work is extremely important to us and affects our livelihood  So we want to make sure every event we work is amazing and even the smallest details make a big difference.  Lastly our job involves the dance floor and interacting with guests and it’s always best to have the DJ where he/she needs to work instead of forcing him/her to navigate the tables to do his/her job.

I hope this helps you and helps create a much better experience for you and your guests when it comes to a Disneyland Fairy Tale wedding experience in Sleeping Beauty’s Pavilion at the Disneyland Hotel.  If you are looking to have a Disneyland Wedding, Ask about our special custom pricing exclusively for couples having their wedding at DIsneyland.  We are offering some additional services free of charge to really help make your wedding experience at Disneyland a magical one.  After all getting the most for your wedding is what we are all about.


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