If you are interested in or planning on having your wedding at Disneyland you are in for one amazing wedding experience.  As a professional wedding DJ that has worked many weddings and events at Disneyland, I can tell you they are amazing.  Did you know there are ways to make them even better?  In this post I am going to let you in on some of the secrets to having a magical wedding experience for your Wedding at the happiest place on earth.

Embrace the Disney Magic

One of the best ways to have the best wedding at Disneyland is to embrace the “Disney Magic”.  One of the things that Disneyland is infamous for is taking visitors away to a land of magic.  A land that seems far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s this that makes some of the best memories for their visitors.  It’s creating magical moments that makes a wedding at Disneyland more memorable as well.  So it has been our experience that if you embrace the magic, your wedding will be more memorable as well.  What we mean by embracing the magic is incorporating more Disney into your wedding.  Think about a Disney theme.  Later this year we are helping a client create a Beauty and the Beast Mardi Gras themed wedding.  It’s going to have plenty of Beauty and the Beast music incorporated into it as well as some custom created elements to bring Mardi Gras into it as well.  Guests are really going to remember this wedding at Disneyland because it will have music they are familiar with (and possibly love) as well as elements they have never seen or heard of before.  People always remember the things that are different.

Bring In The Characters

Wedding at Disneyland - Character Meet and GreetOne of the questions a recent client had about their wedding at Disneyland was whether or not it was worth it to pay for a character meet and greet for their wedding.  My answer was a resounding YES!  Every time I have done a wedding that had the character meet and greet, it had been the one of the most memorable moments at the wedding.  At the last wedding, they had Mickey and Minnie come in for a meet and greet and it was definitely and highlight of that evening.  Not only were the kids in attendance super excited to see Mickey and Minnie, the parents were too!  Mickey and Minnie did a fantastic job interacting with the guests and this couple has some amazing photographs of this experience as well.  In the picture to the left, you can see Mickey and Minnie sharing a kiss with this amazing couple.  This was the exact pose Mickey and Minnie were in on their cake topper.


We have too many ideas on this topic to post them all in this post.  The post would be way too long.  So consider giving us a call at (949) 940-8998 to handle your wedding DJ services.  We will do everything in our power to ensure your wedding is even more magical then you imagined.  After all, who better to have on your team than someone who not only has worked at Disneyland many times, but someone who embraces the Disney magic.  Come by our office sometime and you will see what we mean.


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