How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

Wedding DJ Cost

Wedding DJ Cost – Honestly…

Can I be honest with you?  Trying to find out how much a wedding DJ costs can literally drive you insane.  Here you are Googling it and finding 30 or so articles that tell you completely different things.  Then you find a wedding blog and it tells you something else.  Lastly, you find a wedding forum where brides are talking about how much their wedding DJ cost and there are 50+ responses with 50+ different numbers!  It’s enough to make you SCREAM  right?

Just last week I received a call from a young lady in the process of planning her wedding.  She asked me  to help her understand wedding DJ pricing.  Here is the advice and help I provided her that brought a sense of calm  to her and gave her the information she needed to be successful in her quest to understand wedding DJ pricing.  I hope it helps you have a better understanding to the questions you desperately want answered.

It’s Not Like Shopping for a TV

The first thing I explained to her was that shopping for a wedding DJ is not like shopping for a TV.  When shopping for TV sets, you can pick a feature set you want and then shop based on brands and know if you stick to certain brands you can narrow down a price range you should be in to get a quality TV with the features you want.  One that will last a long time and not cause you any problems.  The same is not true when shopping for a wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ Cost – Like hiring employees in your company

When shopping for a wedding DJ, you are shopping for a person to do a job … a person that you are hiring to be a part of your wedding team that you expect to do a job and deliver a certain result.  If you are employed at a company, you know there are people you work with that have been with the company a while and do the job really well.  Then there are people that just started with the company who don’t have a lot of experience and training and they are paid less than the employee that has been there a while because they need to earn their way in the company and get better at what they do.  The better they get, the more they get paid.  It is the same exact way with wedding DJs.

The key here is to remember that wedding DJ cost depends on the kind of person you want to hire for your wedding team and the training and experience they have. You should approach hiring your wedding DJ in a similar way.  This way you can get the wedding DJ you want.

Finding Wedding DJ Cost – The Process

To make things easier, here’s a process you can follow to find out how much to expect for YOUR wedding DJ cost.  (I’m talking about the one you actually want to hire!)

  • (1)  Search/Google Wedding DJs in your area – For example, in my area I would search “Wedding DJs in (your county or city) ” and look at the listings google provides.

  • (2) Evaluate the websites – Look at each website that is listed and look for what kind of training the people at the company have, what kind of experience they have and lastly for proof they deliver the kind of service you want. We call this “social proof”; it consists of reviews from past clients and videos or pictures of their work.  When you find DJ companies you like, save them to your list.

  • (3) Interview Them – When have you ever applied for a job and had a company just hire you for a job without ever interviewing you?  In my experience, pretty much “never”, right?  To find out the wedding DJ cost for the type of wedding DJ you want, you have to chat with them.  You can do this via email, text message, or by phone, or set up a time to go in and meet with them.  Personally, I would contact them via email, text or phone first and then set up an in-person interview once you have connected with them by phone and are interested in understanding more.

    When you contact them, the first thing you want to do is find out if they are available on your date.  (On my website, we have an availability checker, so you can see if your date is available without having to go any further.)  If your preferred DJs are available, then ask them some questions that will give you a better idea of whether they can do the job you need them to do and whether their personality is a good fit for your team.  Some of my favorite questions I get asked are “Why should I hire you for my wedding?”, “Do you DJ weddings full-time or part-time?” and “What is your style of working weddings?”.  These are a good start … let the conversation continue naturally.  Once you are wrapping up and you really like and trust the DJ you are conversing with, ask them how much they would charge to handle your wedding.  This will give an idea of the wedding DJ cost for a DJ of this quality.

  • (4) Book Them! – After you are done interviewing your choices, if one stands out above the rest, book them before someone else does!  If you don’t, someone else will, and you’ll be left trying to find a second-best choice.

If you follow the above steps, not only will you be able to hire a DJ you like and trust.  In my experience, this will alleviate a lot of stress throughout the planning process and on your wedding day, but it will also let you know the wedding DJ cost for the wedding DJ you want.  I hope you find this useful and it helps you have the fun and amazing wedding you deserve.

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