So your in the middle of planning your wedding.  Congrats!  one of the hardest thing to do during this planning stage is to pick the dancing  music that will make up your wedding’s sound track.  Want to make it easier?  Hire a real professional DJ and let him/her worry about it!

There are different kinds of wedding DJs out there.  There are the kinds that just throw a worksheet at you and make you pick all of your music and they just play it.  We call these DJs “Human Jukeboxes”.  They do this so when your wedding fails, they can point at you and say “don’t blame me.. they picked the music!”  Then there are results oriented DJ.  This is what we are.  Results oriented DJs go into an event with no preconceived list of music.  Instead they let the  event dictate what music is played.  There are factors that determine this.  Those factors are the atmosphere. the mood and more importantly the guests.  Then a plan is initiated based on observations and the event energy is then managed.  If the DJ you hire knows what they are doing, they can pack the dance floor every time and your guests will rant and rave about how much fun they had!  Don’t believe me?  You can check out our video testimonials at and listen to what they say.  Listen to the words they use and how they talk about how much people danced.  This wasn’t by accident.

So when you are planning your wedding, interview your DJ and find out how he/she plans the music for the night and look for lots of video testimonials and reviews to confirm what they are telling you.  If you do this, then your wedding reception will be AMAZING.

For more information about Music Man Event Professionals and hiring them for your wedding.  Check out their wedding DJ site.  If you would like to inquire about them DJing your wedding, give them a call at (949) 940-8998.

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Mark is a 30+ year veteran of the wedding and event DJ industry. He is the owner of Music Man Event professionals, Inc. located in Southern California. He is considered an expert in creating amazing wedding experiences for his clients and is often sought after by other DJs for his expertise.