Things You Never Hear Sane People Say


“I picked my doctor because he/she was cheaper.”

“I picked my lawyer because he/she was cheaper.”


Something I Hear Just About Every Day

“I decided to go with my wedding DJ company because they were cheaper.”


Just the other day I was contacted by a mother of a bride looking for a DJ for her daughter’s wedding. She emailed me asking for pricing which is pretty typical. In the email she made this statement “I have heard great things about your company & would be inclined to use you ” which tells me that someone she trusted had spoken to her about our services. We do have a tremendous reputation in Southern California for delivering amazing wedding DJ services for our clients.

After getting additional information from her, I created a package for her that included everything her daughter wanted and needed to acheive the results she wanted from her wedding reception, at an amazing price. She loved it and sent me a response saying “Omg! That sounds amazing!”  Yep, the mother of the bride was saying this.  She then went on to say that she was going to contact me in a few days to book once she talks it over with her husband.

I didn’t hear from her for a couple of days so I reached out to follow up and was surprised when I received this response:  “My daughter did find another DJ that was less so she contracted with him a couple of days ago.”  She didn’t say she found another DJ that was more highly recommended or had better reviews;  she said she found a DJ that cost less.  Big mistake!

How can you compare shopping for a doctor or lawyer to shopping for a wedding DJ?


Good question.  Most people when shopping for a doctor or lawyer are  looking for someone to deliver the best results,  right?   If it’s a plastic surgeon, you want someone that isn’t going to scar you for life and is going to enhance your beauty.  If it’s a surgeon, you are looking for someone who performs the surgery successfully and is known for it, right?  If it’s your physician, you want someone who is going to make you better, and not worse, right?  It’s all about the results.  The same thing with a lawyer.  When you hire a lawyer, you look for someone who is going to win your case and save you from having to pay a fine, keep you out of jail, keep you from paying alimony and so on.  You pick the wrong lawyer, it can end up costing you a lot more in the end.  The same can be said when shopping for a DJ for your wedding reception.

When you are looking for a wedding DJ,  it is important that the person or company you hire delivers the results you want for one of the most expensive days of your lives.  The results Wedding DJ Dance Floorvary with every client but most of the time we hear things like “We want our wedding to be a great experience for everyone with everyone dancing the entire night”.  This is a result just about every DJ will tell you they can deliver but just like a doctor or lawyer, it’s up to you to do the research to make sure.  Think about it … not only are you spending more money on this day than probably any other day in your life, you are also inviting all of your closest friends and family members to be a part of this.  If your wedding DJ doesn’t deliver or delivers a service that embarrasses you, you are going to be reminded about it your entire life.  Not only in the photos and videos you may have paid thousands of dollars for, but also by all of your friends and family members every time your wedding comes up in conversations in the future.  I’m sure this is not what you want.

So when looking for a wedding DJ, do your research like you would when looking for a doctor or lawyer.  Look for someone who does it full time (part- time doctors or lawyers are bad news!), look for someone with proof they are great at what they do (reviews, etc.) and then interview them to make sure you trust them with one of the most important days of your life.  If your wedding DJ delivers the results you want and more … the price will be well worth it.



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