Wedding DJ Packages; All Sales Are Final.. Until Death Do You Part.

pack·age  ˈpakij/ –  present (someone or something) in a particular way, especially to make them more                                         attractive.

Suspicious PackageEveryone loves receiving packages!  There is nothing more exciting then getting home and finding a package on your front porch.  You get so excited to open it and see what amazing item is inside. You grab that box and run into the house looking for some scissors to open it to get to what’s inside.  You finally pull out a key from your purse or pocket and cut through that tape … and open the box to only find out that the item you received … was broken.  Bummer, right?


Unfortunately this happens every day in the wedding DJ industry.  Except in this case,  your purchase of a broken package from your Wedding DJ is not returnable and just ruined your wedding day!  Seems like a dangerous package, right?  And you can’t call the bomb squad to diffuse it!  Shopping for a wedding DJ by looking for “affordable Wedding DJ packages” is very risky and can be a very devastating way to shop for your wedding entertainment.   What they didn’t know is what was really truly inside the package and who would be delivering it to their wedding.


I can remember back when I was just starting out offering wedding Dj services to the public.  I was working as an on-air radio DJ at a very popular top 40 radio station and was DJing weddings in my free time.  I was working for a popular mobile DJ company based out of San Diego and went to my boss to ask what they charged for their wedding DJ service and how we go about determining what we should charge our clients.  He explained to me that all of our clients will pay the same thing and they will buy what we wanted them to buy and then went on to explain how it worked.  The image below is an example of what they did.


He explained that he offered three packages.  One that made them think they were too cheap (he explained that no one wants to think they are cheap!) which in this case is called the “Silver” Package   It was the lowest priced package of them all and was made to look like it didn’t offer much.  The second package in this case was the “Gold” package (the one he wanted them to buy).  It offered the best perceived value of them all (but actually gave him the best profit).  The last one was the “Diamond” package which was much higher and included services most people would never want or need.  He then went on to explain to me that the object of putting this together was to get people to buy the middle package.  That is why they had that one highlighted by a gold or colored background.  The thing that confused me was what if the client needed more hours or wanted different things instead.  He explained that the beauty of this system is that it draws them in by offering a lower price, but then adds on additional services they need at a steep markup.  This whole process didn’t sit right with me.  If I were the client, I would think that I was being ripped off.  Who ever likes feeling that way?


Packages Image

This is a screen print from a real wedding DJ’s website.  Can you guess what package they want you to buy?  Yep, you got it!  The one in the middle with the “Gold” background.  Why do they want you buy this, is it the best value?  Let’s take a look.  The Silver is $850 and the Gold is $300 more.  The difference is you get an extra mic (which you probably will never use) and 1 more hour of service.  Oh and your dance floor lights will be more intelligent than the lights in the Silver package (really?).


Now if you were to buy the silver package and add an extra hour it would be $150 less for the same package!  What kind of deal is that?  Isn’t the idea of a packages to save money over buying things a la carte?  Most of these companies are part time hobbyists or fly-by-night DJs that want you to buy these packages without meeting with you or having to learn what you want because they know better than you and their “Real Job” takes up most of their time.  They’ll even post things to try to scare you from meeting with real professionals like the image below. in-person


Don’t fall for it.  Any real professional would want to meet with you to show that they are a professional and want you to be confident in your decision to hire them.  It’s not about what car you drive or how much they can get from you. This is a scare tactic to take your mind off the fact they they know nothing about your wedding or what you want.  These are some of things I have witnessed being taught to DJ companies at some of the DJ conferences.  Needless to say, I quit going to these conferences.


So now you are probably wondering “Well, what should I do then?”  Good questions!  The answer is to find professional wedding DJs that quote pricing based on what you want rather than what they want to sell you. Remember, you are buying a service and the person delivering it. It’s not like buying a product where the quality is the same no matter who you buy it from. You can’t do this by emailing them and asking them what they charge for an 4 to 6 hour wedding.  You have to start by calling them and talking with them.  Find out if they really care about what you are trying to accomplish.


You can get a feeling about them while talking to them on the phone.  If they sound like someone you want managing your wedding, then ask them what they would charge to deliver the result you want or set up an in-person meeting to see what they are like in person. Be careful about meeting them at any other place other than their office.


Have them put together your pricing based on your needs. Make sure you call and speak to a few professional companies before you make your decision and you will get the best deal on an amazing wedding reception by handling your wedding DJ shopping this way.


This is nothing new that I am explaining.  It’s the way most other professional businesses work.  They take a consultative approach to selling.  There are many in the wedding DJ industry that do it the same way and it’s these companies that will stand out as the real professionals..  Remember, The wedding DJ you will be hiring will be up in front of all of your family and friends and will be expected to engage them, entertain them and make your wedding memorable.  Make sure you know your wedding DJ and trust them before giving them this tremendous responsibility.


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