Just about every day I get calls from prospective clients that are interested in our wedding DJ services that do not understand what wedding lighting is and how it adds to their wedding experience.  Usually, when I ask about whether they are interested in adding lighting services, the answer I get is along the lines of “The venue has ample lighting built into the room”.  And while that might be true in some instances, the lighting we provide is different.  In this blog post, I am going to go over the kinds of lighting and how it can add to the ambiance of your wedding reception.

Ambient Up-Lighting

Ambient up-lighting is one of the most popular wedding lighting services we offer.  Ambient up-lighting is when lights are placed strategically around the room to add color to the venue.  Most venues have walls that are either white or amber in color which give it a dull look when the lights are dimmed or left on.  Ambient up-lighting allows for you to have the white lighting in the room dimmed which will allow for the color to fill the room creating a truly elegant and festive setting.  It allows you to create an environment that helps take your guests away and bring them into your celebration.

The photo above features the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California.  The walls of this room are white.  In this instance we added a rose or blush colored lighting to the wall to match the color scheme of the wedding which also added a sense of elegance.  The couple absolutely loved it and it looked even more amazing in person.  It’s this kind of lighting that can really add atmosphere to your wedding reception and set an exceptionally elegant mood.

Name In Lights

“Our Name In Lights” service is also a very popular service we provide.  What this typically consists of is a personalized monogram projected onto the dance floor or wall within the venue.  This lighting service has been used to add a sense of elegance to wedding receptions as well as other events that are held to celebrate a couple. a person and even a company.  If done right, this service can make an amazing impact on any event.  Above are some pictures of weddings where the clients loved the name in lights service we provided for their wedding.

Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting is another service we offer that we think is extremely vital to the success of the dancing portion of a wedding reception.  This service implements muti-colored lights that change colors and/or move to the beat of the music on the dance floor only.  We think this is vital to creating a fun and inviting environment on the dance floor and is far better than having you and your guests dancing on a dark dance floor or one that is lit with the white lighting that is installed in the room where the wedding reception is taking place.  The best thing is these lights are installed on a stand near the dance floor and requires no installation on the venue walls or ceiling whatsoever.  If you want a fun dancing environment during your wedding, then you simply must have our dance floor lighting service!

Those are the most popular wedding lighting services that we offer here at Music Man Event Professionals for our wedding clients.  If you have additional questions about any of of our wedding services, please feel free to give us a call at (949) 940-8998.  We are here to help.

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Mark is a 30+ year veteran of the wedding and event DJ industry. He is the owner of Music Man Event professionals, Inc. located in Southern California. He is considered an expert in creating amazing wedding experiences for his clients and is often sought after by other DJs for his expertise.