I know what you are doing.. and it’s brilliant” were words that were said to me by a guest at a wedding I was working recently.  We had worked our way through cocktail hour and dinner and we were getting ready for the dancing portion of the evening the the mood was electric.  It was electric not because of the alcohol.  It was electric because of the way I was creating the mood though music selection and this guest picked up on it.  I just smiled at him and he gave me a thumbs up and headed back to get ready for dancing.  So what was I doing?

Music can have a significant affect on human moods and feelings.  According to a study that was performed by The American Medical Association, Music can greatly affect people’s level of tension and can  alter their level of energy as well.  Music can make people calm and relaxed or can increase their energy level so they are ready for a night out.  This study also showed that age and gender plays an important role in determining what music was played to achieve what results. In some cases music that relaxed adults had less affect on teenagers while music that relaxed teenagers had the opposite affect on adults.

So how does one create a playlist for their get together?  The playlist will depend on the type of get together you are having and what you want the atmosphere of the party to be.  For weddings, mitzvahs, company parties ect,. you should hire a professional (not just some guy that does it on the weekend, but a real professional) that understands the effects music has on people and give them the results you want and let them work their magic,  For get-togethers like BBQs you want to look at the age of the guests in attendance, the time of day the event is taking place and whether you want the guests dancing later or not and create the playlist based on the feeling and mood you want to create.  Also, don’t be afraid to adjust things as you get a feeling for the event and how things are going.  We are always adjusting our playlists based on how things are progressing.


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