Top Five Things You Should Know While Planning Your Wedding – A Wedding Planning Guide

If you are reading this wedding planning guide, chances are you are in the process of planning one.  What do you think so far?  Kinda confusing huh?  Don’t worry, it’s not you.  Even as a long-time professional in the industry, I found the process very confusing and even stressful when I was preparing my wedding with my wife.  I learned from that experience and now help my couples by giving them some valuable information that will help them have a stress free amazing wedding.  I have included the top six tips in this helpful wedding planning guide.

Tip 1: Budget Accordingly #1 cause for wedding planning stress is money!

Wedding Planning Guide - BudgetMoney is one of the major contributors to stress while wedding planning.  The key to putting together an amazing wedding is making sure you budget for the things that are most important to you.  Nothing causes more stress for brides than finding a service you really want and not having enough money left in the budget to afford it.  Check out our blog for a great idea on how to budget so this doesn’t happen.


Tip 2: Start Early. Take your time and do it right.

Wedding Planning Guide - Start earlyStart securing your vendors as soon as possible.  The further in advance you start securing your vendors the better chance you have of getting the ones you really want.  We normally book weddings as far as a year in advance. The couples that wait until a few months before most often miss out



Tip 3: Don’t Shop For Vendors Based On Price.

You are purchasing a person to provide a service not a product.  While the service your vendors offer may be the same, the quality of the service may differ,  The last thing you want is to be running around worrying about whether the vendor you hired will be doing their job the way you want on your wedding day.  Talk about stressful!  Instead, approach it like you were hiring people for your own wedding company.  Explore their resume, references and reviews, interview them and then hire them if you trust them to do a great job for you.


Tip 4: Use your vendors as resources. Professional vendors work weddings every weekend.  They can help.

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for referrals to other vendors.  I always keep a list of vendors that I work with that are professional and will do a great job and will gladly refer them to clients to help make the planning process easier.  Just the other day I had a bride ask for a photo-booth referral.  I sent her the information for one I have worked with before that will do a great job for her.  She called them, loved them and hired them on the spot.  (Then she emailed me to say thanks!)  No stress at all.


Tip 5: Avoid Over-planning your Wedding.  Don’t add additional stress to you and your vendors.

One of the thing you can do that can provide the most stress on your wedding day is over plan.  By this I mean planning everything out down to 5 minute intervals.  The better things to do is let your vendors know what you want done and by when and let them do what they do.  For example, let the DJ know that the photographer leaves at 9:00 and that you want garter and bouquet photos and he/she will work with the other vendors to ensure that everything is done before that time.  When you hire the right vendors it can make  for an extremely fun and stress-free wedding reception.

These five tips included in this wedding planning guide are key to ensuring you get the right vendors and plan your wedding so it’s fun and stress free for you and your guests.  Please feel free to comment  and share your thoughts as well as let us know if this guide helped you with planning your wedding.

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