The other day I received a call from a gentleman looking for a Wedding DJ for an upcoming wedding here in Orange County, California.  When he called, he started out the conversation like most of the calls we get where he wanted to know our pricing for our services.  He had a set a reasonable budget of $2,000 for his wedding entertainment and our pricing fit in his range … then came the part that threw me for a loop …

We are an award-winning wedding DJ service with an impeccable reputation for delivering amazing wedding receptions.  The pricing we gave him was a special we were running for which he was getting a tremendous deal.  The problem was that he was getting a similar price from a lesser-known wedding DJ without the social proof (testimonials) than we had.  Instead of focusing on the fact that he was going to get an amazing service for his money he became worried about how many lights we were going to include and how much equipment we were going to bring.

Value is getting your money’s worth and more from what you are spending for your wedding reception.  What do you think is more valuable?  The fact that the DJ brought 7 more lights or that the DJ delivered an amazing reception and made the room look amazing with great lighting?  The fact that the wedding photographer gave you 20 more prints or that fact the memories he/she captured looked amazing?  What adds more value … the fact that the wedding florist included 12 more roses or the fact that the wedding reception centerpieces looked gorgeous?

The point I am trying to make is that the DJ can bring 7 more lights than the other but if his service isn’t any good, what kind of value does that bring?  The wedding photographer can give you more prints but if the pictures are bad, what value does that bring?   The important thing here is to get the best quality you can for the money you are spending to get the best value.  Forget about quantity.  You may end up with more junk than you want and have wasted your money.

When you’re looking for a Wedding Disc Jockey in Orange County for your wedding reception Music Man Event Professionals is always the easy choice. We are experienced, professional, and know how to entertain you, your family and guests on your special day.

If you want to have an AMAZING wedding reception we’ll get everyone dancing and having a GREAT time – we guarantee it! For pricing and availability call Mark at (949) 940-8998 or use this convenient online inquiry form and he’ll follow-up with you promptly!

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Mark is a 30+ year veteran of the wedding and event DJ industry. He is the owner of Music Man Event professionals, Inc. located in Southern California. He is considered an expert in creating amazing wedding experiences for his clients and is often sought after by other DJs for his expertise.