Wilson Creek Vineyard and Winery is a gem wedding venue hidden in the vast expanse of vineyards in the Temecula Wine Valley.  The property is one of the most spectacular we have seen in the Temecula Wine Country.  Here are the reason why we gladly recommend Wilson Creek Vineyard and Winery to our clients looking for a amazing Temecula Wine Country Wedding,

Proximity – One of the things we really like about Wilson Creek Vineyard and Winery when it comes to wedding receptions is the fact that everything is reallyWilson Creek Wedding Ceremony DJ close to each other.  When your guests leave the ceremony site, they are basically at the reception site.  The building that houses the ballroom is literally right behind the amazing ceremony gazebo.  So there isn’t the challenge of  trying to herd everyone to the right place or cart them like some properties have to do. Also, if you have any guests that have physical limitations, its very easy for them to get from one place to another.  There is also an expansive are that is perfect for the cocktail hour right next to the ceremony gazebo.  So you can basically keep all of your activities together except for maybe picture taking.  I highly recommend you venture out into the Vineyard for this as well as take advantage of the white roses when they are in bloom.


The Staff –   The staff at Wilson Creek Vineyard and Winery are top notch.  Every single wedding I have done there had clients that ranted and raved about how helpful the staff was.  They are super attentive to the needs of the bride and groom and before you can ask for something, they ate already there next to you with what you were going to ask for.  They also are well versed in how to put on a wedding.  They never get in the way of the timeline nor do they ever get in the way of the other professionals you hired.  Instead they are extremely helpful to us as well to ensure we are able to do out job in the best way that we can.  You just can’t find a better staff anywhere.


The Wines –  What better combination is there than good wines and great weddings?  At Wilson Creek Vineyard and Winery, they have some of the bestWilson Creek Wedding DJ Wines wines in the Temecula Wine County.  If you want whites, they have the Golden Jubilee which is one of my personal favorites and you should also try the White Cabernet Sauvignon which is also a really good white wine.  If Reds are more to our liking then you have to try The Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon or the Meritage which are two of my favorites.  Also make sure you try the Almond Sparkling wine!  It is amazing and would make a great sparkling wine for your toasts.  I like their wines so much that I am a member of their wine club.  This is the only winery in Temecula where I have a wine club membership.


In Conclusion, if you are looking for an amazing wedding experience in the Temecula Wine County, then Wilson Creek is a must to visit while on your scouting trip.  This amazing winery paired with our award winning wedding DJ service can only ensure that your wedding will be nothing less than AMAZING!.



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